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Bluetooth-гарнитура Hoco E10 Touchable business wireless earphone (gray)

Bluetooth-гарнитура Hoco E10 Touchable business wireless earphone (gray)
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1. Bluetooth specification: bluetooth V4.1 CSR; Support protocol Headset Hands-free A2DP Avrcp; 2. Transmission scope: 10m, Transmission frequency: 2.4GHz ; 3. Charging voltage:DC 5V, Charging time about 2 hours; 4. Capacity: 55mAH, size: L59*W15*H10MM; 5. Talk time: over 6 hours; music time: over 6 hours; standby time: over 60 hours, weight: 17g; 6. Thanks to the ergonomic hanging design, the product has an integrated streamline structure which brings not only the fashion aesthetics, but also the comfortable fit by matching with the ear contour, making the wearing more comfortable and stable. 7. The in-ear design is adopted. It is to be worn on the right ear, and suited for long-time wearing, with ease of control and simplicity of use.
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